Understanding the role that brand and strategy have in your business is the first step to seeing the value it adds when done for the right reasons.

The way your brand is presented is sometimes more important than the product itself. Understanding why people buy certain products over others can shine a light on customer buying power and, how through the creative process and careful consideration, you can harness this to your benefit.

One of the core services we offer is brand and strategy solutions. The reason for this is because marketers and business owners are not always harnessing and leveraging their unique brand positions to generate a return on their investments.

Our role in our customers’ business is to discover and uncover the unique value of our customers’ products and services. Using this to formulate plans, creative ideas and outcomes, our brand and strategy services are tailored to our customers’ brands which means they are getting expert advice that is important to them and is designed to drive their business forward.

Branding & Strategy

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Brand Strategy

Having a brand strategy is like having a map. It gives you direction and keeps you on track. When looking at brand strategy, it is important to look deeper into what your business is about and why you do what you do.

Brand strategies are a collection of key points that make up the DNA of any business, how you want to be seen by the core people who use your service or product and the people who are going to use your service/product in the future. 

The steps to creating an effective brand strategy: Brand strategies are made up of a multitude of fundamental steps which looks at core parts of any business to understand what it is your business does. 

Many businesses start their journey believing they know who they want to be and what they want out of their target market and customers but have been looking in the wrong place the whole time, which is why it is crucial to develop a brand strategy.

Key Concepts of how brand strategies help: 

  • Define a Plan to work towards 

  • Helps you understand who you are 

  • Know the most effective ways to communicate to your customers

  • Understanding who you are competing against 

Brand Narrative

Stories are what captivates and educates audiences. That is why when telling the narrative of your brand it needs to be appealing and bold. Understanding your 'why' is extremely important to succeed in competitive industries where you are competing towards being the best. 

At Enable, we help to tell the stories of the businesses we work with; we strip back the noise, the colour and the pretty aesthetics to truly understand what a brand stands for and why it does what it does. Once we truly understand a brand's why, when, and how we can get to work crafting a brand narrative that allows you to tell your story the right way and for the right reason.

Key Concepts of how brand narratives help: 

  • People understand the purpose of a brand 

  • Define how you are seen by customers

  • Know what to communicate to your customers 

  • Differentiate yourself in the market 

Core Branding Idea

All businesses and branding start with an idea. It’s our role to help you define what that is and how that looks. Through this, we uncover the core reasons behind the business, key messaging, ideas and wording that will shape the businesses core idea. 

Through face to face workshops, we will work with you through core processes to understand and uncover these essential pieces of information this includes mission statements, purpose, goals, personality traits, and key messaging.

Key Concepts of how core branding ideas help: 

  • To uncover core business ideas

  • Develop key brand messages 

  • Develop mission statements, purpose, goals, personality traits and key messaging

Logo Design

Logo design is the face of your brand, although they say execution over idea. Logo design is still a crucial part of the process in being an effective business and generating business. If you think of all the brands you have seen recently I bet you can think of one that always sticks out to you. This is based on effective insight when planning the brand. Understanding why a logo exists is important to then understanding why the company exists. A number of businesses every day are getting this wrong which will affect them dramatically in the long term. 

The steps to creating an effective logo lay in a number of core principles that we follow here at Enable: Discover, Define, Create and Launch. These core principles allow us to effectively create meaningful logos that captivate and help businesses reach the people that truly matter to them. 

Key Concepts of how logo design help:

  • Creates a personality for your brand 

  • People remember brands 

  • Good design is important

  • A picture speaks a thousand words - So does a logo

Communication Design

Understanding who you are speaking to is extremely important when you are trying to appeal to a particular audience. With communication design we are looking at the way you connect and communicate with your customers and the platform you are communicating on. In any example a brand would have their way of speaking such as an accountancy business would communicate differently than a food business, albeit the fact they are both in business they are appealing to a totally different audience. 

Our team help formulate your tone of voice, your message and the words you are using to promote your business and how they will be most effective when acquiring customers. 

Key Concepts of how communication design help: 

  • Creates the way you speak to your audience 

  • Understand who you are speaking to and what you are saying

  • Key messages are developed to help you communicate your message 

Visual Identity

When we discuss visual identity this is what makes up the brand from a visual asset point of view. For example what colours, images, fonts and branding assets you use. These can be hugely important to the way people view your brand. Our team are experts in creating effective visual identities for our clients they are both well thought out and compelling. We look at various elements that make up a brand and what will compliment and what works. We work with you combining information we have gathered from discovery, logo design and branding idea stages to curate a perfectly well thought out visual identity. 

Key Concepts of how visual identity help: 

  • Creating a visually compelling identity 

  • Selecting colour palette, fonts, imagery and visual elements 

  • Key components that make up the identity 

Naming and Slogans

Brand names are extremely important. They need to be distinctive, different and memorable. The brand name needs to be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. The best brands are ones that are a result of careful planning and on the back of great brand strategy and the right team around you. We help with brands and work from the ground up to create a name or slogan that reflects what the brand is really about. 

Key Concepts of how naming and slogans help: 

  • Make it easy to remember and easy to pronounce 

  • Names can tell a lot about brand 

  • Naming is one of the most important parts of any business 

Brand Persona

Like a person, a brand has a persona and a personality. It has a name, a look and a voice. Looking at it simply, a brand has its own set of characteristics. When looking at brand personas it is important to understand why a brand’s personality is important. When a person or customer interacts with your business they are going to choose to work with you because of a number of characteristics. Part of this is the way they see your brand, and with a brand persona established this will help guide the perception of how people look at your business.

Key Concepts of how brand personas help:

  • Creating a person-like brand

  • Allowing your business to have human-like feel

  • How your business is seen

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