Marketing is an assortment of services that come under the umbrella of business management. Our marketing services look to help and support specific business functions. These cover a large range of business activities such digital strategy, brand strategy, paid advertising and more. The point that marketing looks to serve is to help better position your business in front of the right people at the right time by conveying the right message. Having your finger on the pulse of your marketing management is extremely important when trying to understand, grow and nurture your customers and business. We understand this and work as a partner to help you reach optimal performance when it comes to marketing.

Marketing Services

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is like the game plan before any sports match; it determines individual roles and goals that can then be communicated and implemented with precision and teamwork. It’s our role to help support you through this process, we will advise, create and execute detailed and well-planned strategies that will help define and reach business goals.

Key concepts of how Digital Strategy can help:

  • Strategic steps to achieve goals

  • Measurable goals

  • Growth through digital presence

Brand Strategy

A number of industries we work with face the same issues; they want to be the best in their field, they want to tell their story the most effective way to capture the best audience and in turn capture a larger market share. The best brands all have one thing in common: a Brand Strategy! It’s a planning document that outlines how your business plans on marketing itself, where it’s going to market itself and why.

We help you understand your unique value proposition, your “why” and the story that will help you take that next step forward in your brand.

Key concepts of how Brand Strategy can help:

  • Defines a plan that helps the business reach objectives

  • Defines core business values and how to communicate them

  • Helps business growth

Digital Advertising

In a world where digital is becoming king, always being relevant and in front of your clients is key. Digital advertising is a broad range of products that allow you to spread the word about your business online through paid advertising or PPC (pay-per-click). This means that when someone is looking for you, you only pay when they click on your ad. There are constant changes happening in the advertising space and it’s important to understand all the trends and the best outcomes.

Our team can help you to create and manage your digital advertising.

Key concepts of how Digital Advertising can help:

  • Gets your business in front of the right audiences

  • Only pay when people click

  • Affordable and scaleable making it perfect for any budget

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has become one of the most effective ways to manage, filter and qualify leads without having to spend money or human capital on qualifying for a lead to waste your time. Marketing automation covers a number of key concepts including sales processes, lead generation, abandon carts emails, email sequences and more. Setting your email marketing to autopilot can help free up extra time that allows you to do what you’re good at.

Key concepts of how Marketing Automation can help:

  • Streamline process

  • Automate sales and marketing processes

  • Free up time to do other important tasks

Marketing Research

Understanding the market you’re in can make a world of difference when trying to understand the best pricing, quality and service strategy. Using these key insights allow you to create, schedule and execute plans that will help your business grow. Marketing Research can put a rocket under your business and give you information that you didn’t already have regarding the industry and business you work with and against.

Key concepts of how Marketing Research can help:

  • Give key insights into your industry

  • Build key strategies

  • Understand competitors and customers

Communications Strategy

Communicating key messages in your business is one of the most important tasks of all. How your business is seen and heard can be the difference between a good outcome and a not-so-good outcome. Supporting you with communication strategies and techniques and support is part of what we do. Our team can help build a plan that will put you on the right footing for your business.

Key concepts of how Communication Strategy can help:

  • Helps communicate the best message to your audience

  • Assists with planning for good and bad communication situations

  • Formulates a strategic communication plan for your business to follow

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Being seen when you search for your business or industry is every business’ dream.However, with all the complex algorithms and search ranking rules it has become more important than ever before to be creating and publishing relevant and engaging content that will help you get ranked. One of the best ways to get better results is through SEO, a.k.a. Search Engine Optimisation. This is important to boost your search position for your chosen industry and keywords.

Key concepts of how SEO can help:

  • Long-term savings over paid advertising

  • Organic reach, meaning that you’re not paying for clicks

  • Rank higher than competitors, meaning more business and exposure

Campaign Management

Launching a new campaign can be challenging. Knowing all the right mediums for advertising, ideas and execution can be a tough job. We take it as part of our job to help your business and marketing teams to make the right choices. Enable can help from all aspects that allow you to focus on core business activities.

Key concepts of how Campaign Management can help:

  • Help get the most out of marketing budget

  • New ideas for campaigns

  • Lets you take care of more important business activities

Events / Product Activations

Hosting and holding events and having product activations is an extremely important part of launching and running a brand. Our team can help with a large amount of organising, project management and design of your event and activations. If it is a grocery food product or a service we can help design, strategise and implement the best ideas for the best outcomes.

Key concepts of how Events and Activations can help:

  • Customers can experience your brand face-to-face

  • Speak to your customers directly to get feedback

  • An affordable way of marketing your product directly to the customer

Marketing Strategy

Strategy is a word that is thrown around a lot in marketing, however as much as it is over-used in conversation your Marketing Strategy is a crucial part of your business. What a marketing strategy allows you to do is plan, implement and measure your success based on metrics and core areas you want to focus on. The marketing strategy of your business outlines what the goals are and the steps to take to implement those goals.

This could be to increase awareness of the brand by 400% over the next 3 years, which might include participating in events, Facebook campaigns and other outreach mediums that allows your brand to be put in front of valuable people. To measure this you will need a set measurement plan that will allow you to track to see if you have reached your goals and where you might be able to improve.

Key concepts of how a Marketing Strategy can help:

  • Sets goals to work towards

  • Allows you to measure performance based on the goals you have set

  • A great way to understand who your customers are and where to sell to them

Social Media Marketing

We are all on Facebook and Instagram so we know that content is part of our everyday lives. We view content every time we open our phones, computers or even newspapers. In the market today the way brands are engaging with their audiences is through Social Media Marketing. Through posts, articles and content you can draw a reaction or a reply to fully engage your target audience. Social Media Marketing can help draw more traffic and sales to your site through micro-content, updates and content that your audience relate to.

Key concepts of how Social Media Marketing can help:

  • Engage with your audience

  • Drive more traffic to your website

  • Build more trust and authority in your industry

Outsourced Marketing Management

Having an in-house marketing team that supports you can be costly, and sometimes isn’t an effective use of your time and resources. We offer an outsourced option for Marketing Management where we can run you different initiatives and projects throughout the year from our offices, charging only for the work we actually do. Therefore when you don’t have any work you wont need to pay for salaries and people that aren’t required. It’s effective and cost-effective, saving you thousands per annum.

Key concepts of how outsourcing Marketing Management can help:

  • Increase efficiency while decreasing costs

  • Fresh and new ideas for experts

  • Allows you to scale support when required

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